As we know, customers value cleanliness, tidiness and a well-maintained workplace in general. This makes ignoring and neglecting the condition and looks of your workplace and commercial facility definitely not the smartest choice in the world. Never underestimate the attention of your clients, customers and even employees will pay to every detail in the room or office. In fact, cleanliness and the overall appearance of your workplace have a great impact on the way your clients perceive your business and also on the way your employees perceive you as an authority and respect your professionalism. Of course, a well-maintained workplace and all the details and features belonging to it is associated with professionalism, even perfectionism and also reliability and trustworthy business. There are only 30 seconds needed from entering through your door for a client to build the first impression and as you know – there is no second chance for a first impression. Because of this reason, it is your responsibility to ensure consistent quality, cleanliness and mess- and clutter-free workplace. Next time you are planning your budget for professional cleaning services, do not forget to consider a floor waxing service, here is why.

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Floor waxing is a highly recommended treatment for wood floors, especially for wood floors installed in busy traffic areas such as commercial, business and public facilities. Wood is initially a very sturdy and solid product and because of that, it is often installed in busy traffic areas and commercial buildings. However, wooden floors also need additional protection in the form of a protective top layer applied that protects the texture, colour and the condition in general from wear and tear and different imperfections and damages in a long-term when maintained properly. Because of the great amount of traffic, everyday use and heavy footfall a commercial wooden floor usually suffers, the protective layer gets worn significantly faster than usual and because of that the bare wood underneath is left unprotected. Considering a professional floor waxing service every now and then has a vital role in maintaining your floors in flawless condition and look. This way you make sure to leave a lasting and positive first impression on your clients. And even more important than that is the fact that this way you also ensure a long life for a serious investment a wooden floor can be.

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Wooden floors are a popular choice for workplaces coincidentally. Wood is a very beautiful material that comes in a variety of wood species, textures, colours and finishes. Wooden floors create an elegant, classic, confident and even luxurious appearance and atmosphere wherever they are installed and they often work as a great and beautiful focal point of the room and office, being suitable for any style and interior design. In fact, wooden floors can last for hundreds of years, if they are maintained properly. Cleaning Commercial ensured a proper and highly professional floor waxing treatment and maintenance available in Enfield. Our business and commercial clients will be provided with all the benefits of a professional floor waxing service, starting with great and timely performance, minimising the disruption to the business operations at the workplace and also ensuring great results, long-lasting effect, serving you with respect to your own schedule and budget.