Hiring an uninsured and not professional cleaning service or individual may sound like a good idea, because it will usually cost less money than hiring a professional and insured cleaning service. However, sometimes this can cost us a lot at some point, so let’s have a look at a few reasons why hiring uninsured cleaning service or individual is not a good idea:

Individual cleaners are not the same thing as a business

Many individual cleaners are really good at what they do and what to be and look as professional as they can. They have business cards, they have flyers, they look very professional. However, if they come and clean not bringing their materials, but using your tools and cleaning products, if they can visit and clean your space whenever you need them and they can always fit you in their schedule, no matter if it is last minute, then you are hiring an employee, but not a business. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the whole experience will be less convenient for you, or that the job won’t be delivered properly and with high quality. However, hiring an employee means that you could be responsible for other additional costs and fees that are set by the standards and laws by the Government and they wouldn’t be required, if you work with a business. It also means that you may want to reconsider your insurance coverage. Well, it all sounds complicated. And it wouldn’t be that way if you hire a professional office building cleaning, building maintenance business or janitorial services company.

Individual cleaners may come with a good reputation, but not that good record

They may come with a lot of recommendations and a good reputation, but individual cleaners don’t come necessarily with a good background check, right? Let’s say you are hiring a cleaning individual – are you able to research him or her beforehand or after the first visit? You have to make them aware that you would be running a background check too! Don’t forget that you are giving to someone the full access to your workspace (or your home) and you have to be completely sure and feel comfortable and safe with that, so if you don’t feel that way – does it worth it, after all? On the other hand, professional companies are normally really strict about the background check of their employees and that peace of mind is priceless.

Insurance covers anything unexpected

A professional cleaning company has coverage for all employees and for the company in general as well as all employees are licensed to perform the work and insured and responsible for the clients to receive what they have paid for or in case that anything unfortunate happens and there is safety in those numbers. At least, you have the peace of mind for when something unexpected happens.