Do not get us wrong, we are a commercial cleaning company with such an enviable and thorough experience in janitorial services, building cleaning and building maintenance services, including professional school building cleaning ones and we know that this one is one of the most challenging to do in our branch. Of course, children, especially younger ones, are darn cute and really amazing, but they are also very curious and practically do not know how to defend and protect themselves from a whole sort of bacteria and germs.

And with the flu season around the corner, things get even worse. Beside the fact that they are pretty sloppy on their own health (and often their hygiene, but this is because they are still too young to take some things into account), they are also pretty dangerous for all the adults around them, constantly bringing germs and bacteria inside the house, or inside school and spreading what they have around. Our main priority as adults, parents, teachers and janitorial professionals always have to be ensuring that our young fellows are protected from germs as much as possible and the responsibility for doing so is even more imperative in the middle of the flu season. While you cannot eliminate germs in general, you, as an adult, play an important role in disinfecting and cleaning schools (the most common place when a young human can be a potential victim of germs and bacteria on a daily basis) and preventing the flu from spreading rapidly.

Make sure there is a hand sanitiser in every classroom and that it is used constantly. Hand sanitisers are great because they make maintaining a certain level of hygiene easy as a piece of cake even for the laziest person under the sun. Hand sanitizer is also great because they help to keep all the germs away and makes it extremely easy to clean their hands. Of course, even with a few bottles places strategically around the classroom, you cannot be sure that they will be used on a regular basis, however, it is a matter of a bit of control from teachers and parents to encourage positive habits. Teachers can also always have a bottle on their desk to stop germs from making them sick.

Washing your hands is very important and it is our responsibility as adults to encourage such positive habits and be a good example for our kids. Many younger kids do not understand or keep forgetting why washing the hands on a regular basis is very important, others rinse their hands after using the toilet, but they forget to use soap.

Things like wiping down the room, keeping the trash cans empty and basic maintenance are the responsibility of the janitorial team that is hired at your school to do the job. In fact, two of the most popular hot spots for germs at school are doorknobs and drinking fountains (in case your school has one of them) and these areas do not have to be missed in the cleaning process. Janitors play a very important role in stopping the germs and flu spread.

You never know when your nose can get runny, so you always have to have tissues on hand, or make sure that your kid has one pack in its backpack. Teachers also can make sure they have tissues in sight, so anyone in need can use them.