When it comes to the type of flooring, many businesses, companies and firms choose hardwood flooring, because it adds a lot of elegance, class and professional look to any workplace and catch the attention of customers and clients. However, having a hardwood floor comes not only with benefits, but also with responsibilities to maintain it properly and regularly, so you can enjoy its beauty and sturdy condition for the longest time.

While many companies and professionals would have a cleaning team to deliver professional office building cleaning, building maintenance and even more in-depth floor cleaning and waxing services, it won’t hurt to learn more about proper hardwood floor cleaning a bit, so you can practice it properly, whenever you have to, or you can make a better choice when hiring a professional cleaning company. So here are the most important steps of a good hardwood floor cleaning process.

Daily sweeping is a must for places, where there are high traffic and a lot of everyday use, especially for commercial facilities. Being a crucial part of the maintenance process to, daily sweeping ensures small particles of dirt, debris and dust a removed, so they won’t scratch the surface of the floor and wear off the finish faster as well as the fact that daily sweeping ensures bacteria buildups and allergens are removed for a healthier and safer indoor environment. Investing in a good broom with soft bristles is important to prevent leaving scratches.

Vacuuming is another important part of the process. Vacuums are not just for carpets, they are also very useful for hardwood floors, simply make sure you use the attachment for hardwood to prevent scratches and ruining the finish of the floor. Vacuuming is recommended daily for commercial facilities, offices and areas, where there are a lot of people visiting and will remove all the small particles of debris and dirt that the broom cannot manage to get rid of for even more thorough maintenance.

Washing and waxing are the steps that require more knowledge and experience. As you may know, mopping hardwood floors with an excess amount of water will easily destroy them, so make sure that the mop is always damp, not wet. Remember to use only cleaning products that are designed for hardwood floors, something with a neutral pH. If for some reason you cannot use the special cleaning products, then soapy water would do the trick for a while. Plain soap is mild enough not to cause discolouration or hurt the finish another way. Wooden floors with worn off finish as well as finished with oils and lacquers require more intensive maintenance because they are not that hard-wearing and water-resistant. Waxing is what is recommended at least once a year for maintaining good condition and fresh look. Before re-waxing, the surface of the floor remembers that the older wax build-ups have to be stripped down with a specially designed solution. Once this is done you can carry on with applying a thin layer of wax and let it dry. For better results use a liquid or paste wax.