Wooden floors are everything – they are beautiful, they look professional, they are easy to maintain and last for decades and decades. Wooden floors are what carpets want to be when they grow up and survive college. Wooden floors have real business appearance and attitude, they can sell everything, they can make clients agree on every contract! Well, this is probably a bit of exaggeration, or actually a lot, but wooden floors are just perfectly matching every business setting and you cannot overlook that.

This is the reason that you can see them in many offices and other business facilities, because they work great in there with their easy-to-maintenance and friendly character that won’t require too much of an effort from your professional floor cleaning, janitorial services or office building cleaning team to look and feel great. In fact, wood is mainly associated with luxury, and class, and elegance, and having your own amazing style and since you have the swagger to choose wood for complimenting your working space, then you definitely have the swagger to be a real professional in your field… at least this is how we see the things are working, correct us if we are wrong, but we will still love wood flooring!

And since we are so enthusiastic about wood, especially when installing in business facilities, where busy and high traffic is most certainly expected, we are also all about perfect and unbeatable wood floor cleaning and maintenance. We know everything about how to clean a wooden floor, we know the best methods and techniques, we have tested all products and equipment available and we have come to the conclusion, that sometimes what you can do with both your hands is the best of the best. Because of that, the topic of today’s article is all about how to make the best DIY wood floor cleaner for… let’s say, this is even cheaper than a pack of gum!

Many professionals would tell you that cleaning your wooden floor with vinegar is equal to destroying it forever but do not listen to them, they are probably sponsored by a big brand and try to sell their products! Outside the joke, cleaning wood with vinegar is a bit of a controversial topic (the exciting life we lead as cleaning professionals!), but let us tell you that we wouldn’t share with you something we haven’t tried already hundreds of times. So, here is what you need for one of the best wood flooring cleaning solutions out there:

  • 1 gallon of warm water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • ½ cup of castile soap

Mix all the ingredients in a small bucket and dip the mop directly into the solution (be sure your mop is damp and not dripping wet before you start cleaning the wooden surface). And this is actually all the magic, as easy as that! This cleaning solution will help you get rid of all nasty dirt, dust and stains on a daily basis, without damaging your wooden floor at all!

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