We all have a working space somewhere. Well, at least we do not work right now, you know. No matter if you are working from the comfort of your home and your workplace is the area around the coach/the bed, or you are officially struggling to survive the day at a normal, conventional office, we know the challenge of maintaining your workplace in pretty decent appearance and comfort. Of course, for most of us cleaning, dusting and organising our office space is pretty much not the main priority. However, we know something – your office needs no more than 5 minutes to start looking like a scene after a wedding in “Game of Thrones”. That is right, with the hectic and often chaotic working life we all have to lead, maintaining your office space in a decent appearance and order is a real necessity for so many reasons. First of all, clients are already too picky, so you cannot afford to yourself such negligence and leaving them with not that positive impression of your work and organisation. Of course, a workplace in good cleanliness and tidiness is also very important for your own productivity, comfort and inspiration.

Today we will try to give you a few simple recommendations on how to maintain a pretty well-looking office space, without spending hours and hours in achieving that. These easy steps are easy to follow and even easier to make them the good habits that will lead to a lot of benefits for you, of course. Although very simple, these steps are effective on a daily basis. For anything else greater that have to be done in terms of cleaning, you can always rely on professional office building cleaning, building maintenance and janitorial cleaning services… or house cleaning contractors, if you are that lucky to work from home.

Storage containers

These will change your life, for real! Storage bins and containers that are designed to bring organization and tidiness into your office space are great for all those of you that are too lazy to get rid of everything you do not need, or simply have a lot of stuff that you use on a regular basis. Of course, piles of papers and whatnot on the desk are not the best option and here is where all sorts of containers can do the magic trick. Besides being very useful, plastic containers always come at a great price and in many different designs you can choose from.


Be sure to leave only the essentials out, otherwise, you risk piles of staff and things appearing on your desk for no time! Everything you use on a daily basis is allowed to stay out, anything else is perfect for filling those amazing organisation containers you have just purchased!

Filing cabinet

Filing cabinet will make your life at least ten times easier, so do not procrastinate and have one for yourself! Do you have some items and papers you never use, but you still need to keep them – toss them in a drawer. To make things even easier and better organized, then have different drawers for different categories, if you have enough space, of course.

Eliminate all the containers you don’t need

With us being such neat freaks and with the fact that we have just recommended to you to buy a bunch of containers and organise your drawers according to different categories, this may sound like a bit of schizophrenic, but be sure to eliminate all the containers you don’t need. You really do not need separate drawers and containers for blue pens, black pens, pencils, rubbers and paper clips, believe us!

Have trash cans close to you.

That way you will remember to toss immediately everything you just don’t need anymore.

Keep cleaning supplies nearby

This is specifically good advice if your office is located at your home. Having a basket or a box with the most used cleaning products and tools somewhere, where they are easy to reach and easy to see is definitely going to remind you that your desk and office area need some regular dusting and cleaning.